The last week of daily blogging is over. Only one post left for tomorrow which will be kind of a “what I learned from this” post. So further thoughts on daily blogging in that post. 😉

This week, I had some trouble coming up with good topics. On Monday and Tuesday, I had long days at work, so I started the week with two short posts about cold showers and climbing. On Wednesday, I posted about some iPhone and iPad apps that I use which was way more work than I had anticipated. On Tuesday, I wrote a follow-up post for last week’s The Voice Inside Your Head, titled Who Are You? It is definitely a very deep topic. On Friday, I made a list of potential travel destinations for 2021, in case it is possible to travel again, and yesterday I finally wrote somewhat of a review of the iPhone 12 mini, including some photos I have taken with it (someone asked for cat pics in the comments before, there you go).

Here are some recommendations for this week:

As always, enjoy your Sunday! One last post tomorrow. Of course, I hopefully won’t stop posting completely, but I definitely need a break as the second half of this month of daily blogging has worn me out a bit. 😅