Have you ever taken a cold shower by choice? Cold showers are supposed to have several benefits, like improving your immune system and energizing you. They are also an easy and safe way to go outside your comfort zone. Cold showers are one of the things that I know are probably good for me that I want to integrate into my life again.

Taking cold showers is a habit like any other. It’s hard to get started, easy once you get used to it, and often hard to pick up again after you’ve failed. I once took only cold showers for about four months, I think. It was great! I started in the summer when it was super warm, so the start wasn’t a big deal, and I always felt great after taking a nice cold shower. However, at some point I got sick and thought that cold showers probably aren’t beneficial for recovering from sickness, so I stopped.1 At that point, it was already late fall, and with the colder temperatures outside, I wasn’t able to pick it back up.

Unfortunately, I didn’t start this habit again this summer. Now it’s cold again and I’m thinking of conquering this habit, even though I know it’s going to be so much harder. One way to make it slightly easier is to start the shower hot, but turn it all the way down to end your shower. I’ve been doing that a lot recently, but haven’t attempted the “full” cold shower yet.

So to get this going, I’m going to start right now. After I publish this article, I will take a cold shower immediately. I’m sure it’ll feel great, and I’m going to try to remember that feeling the next time I struggle with it (which is probably tomorrow 😂).

How about you? Are you interested in cold showers or do you think it’s stupid?

  1. I haven’t done the research whether this is actually the case, so if you have any insights, please let me know!