Do you remember my weekly update update posts? This will be kind of like those back in the day.

So it’s been a full week of daily blogging for me now! So far it’s going great I think. It’s fun and I haven’t yet run out of things to write about. I’m usually writing these posts a day in advance, so on the actual day, I only edit my draft and publish it before writing the post for the next day. This has taken some pressure out of this because even if I don’t have enough time, I could still publish and catch up the next day. Not that that’s going to happen now that we’re back in lockdown though. 😅

So what have I been writing about? It’s mostly been catching up. After the introductory post, I posted an update about running. I actually went for three runs this week with a total distance of 19 km. Good start I think. After an admission that I’m spending too much time watching anime, I posted about my morning routine and my evening routine. On Friday, I pre-ordered the iPhone 12 mini and made a short post about that. And yesterday, I talked about working hours and time management which is something that will certainly come up again in these posts.

How did you like this first week of blog posts? Is it too much reading a post every day? Should they be shorter/longer? I think I’m just going to go with the flow and see where it leads me in terms of topics and length of posts.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I spend a little too much time on social media and stuff, so here are some things that I found throughout the week that I’d like to recommend to you (it’s mostly going to be YouTube videos if I’m honest):

  • Instead of wasting time talking about the US election, CGP Grey made a video about hexagons which I quite enjoyed. Hexagons are indeed the Bestagons.
  • DJI announced the Mavic Mini 2 drone, and my favorite tech YouTuber made a video about it. I’ve been talking to a friend about this who has the Mini 1 and I will definitely consider getting one as well, but only if I get back to making regular videos for YouTube. I can’t justify this purchase if I don’t actually make videos.
  • My friend Igor, who lives in Tokyo, is posting somewhat regularly on YouTube and uploaded a new video this week. It’s in German though.
  • YouTube’s algorithm suggesting weird but funny videos to me every time I dare to go to the home tab.

Some podcast recommendations:

  • My friend recommended a podcast to me a while ago that I consequently plowed through and now I’m looking forward to new episodes every week. It’s Roosterteeth’s F**kface Podcast with Geoff, Andrew, and Gavin. Prepare to laugh your face off, but start with episode 1 otherwise you won’t understand what’s going on. Here’s the introductory episode and you’ll find links to several places where you can listen to it.
  • I liked Yes Theory’s recent podcast episode How to Make a Change with Rich Roll.
  • If you’re into Apple stuff, I can wholeheartedly recommend ATP and Connected, two of my favorite podcasts in general simply because of the whole dynamic between the hosts. In this week’s episodes, apart from usual follow-up and other random topics, they talked a lot about Apple’s upcoming event next Tuesday where they will likely announce the first Apple Silicon Macs. I plan on writing a blog post about that after the event and explain why this all matters (assuming they actually do announce them).
  • I enjoy listening to The Tim Ferriss Show occasionally and I liked the recent episodes with Naval Ravikant (#473) and Seth Godin (#476), as well as the rerun of episode #221 (as #475) with Mr. Money Mustache

I really have to make notes about this throughout the week again. It’s hard to figure out what you have watched/listened to after the fact. 🙈

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday!