Last month, Apple introduced their new iPhone lineup. Aside from the obvious updates (new chips, better camera, etc.), they have a new flat-edge, iPhone 4/5 inspired design which makes them thinner, lighter, and easier to hold. They also all have 5G which their whole event was focused around, but which could not have been of lesser interest to me.

The most important change for me is that they announced the iPhone 12 mini. It is a smaller, 5.4” version of the iPhone 12 (which itself is 6.1”, same screen size as the 11, but physically slightly smaller). Apart from having a smaller battery (obviously), this is the exact same phone. This is the phone that I’ve been waiting for since the original iPhone SE! A flagship phone with the latest hardware in a small body with an edge-to-edge screen. In size, it is somewhere between the original SE (and 5/5S) and the 6/7/8 line of phones, but with a much larger screen. I can imagine that this is, for me personally, the perfect size for a smartphone.

Today, we are finally able to pre-order the iPhone 12 mini (as well as the 12 Pro Max), and I was able to get one to be shipped on launch day, which is in a week. I wanted some color in my life, so I went a bit wild here. Usually, I would get either black or blue. Blue was the one I was going to go for, but seeing it in person, I don’t like it as much as I hoped. However, I really do like the red, so I ordered that one. That’s going to be a big change for me, and I’m looking forward to it!

I’m planning to make an unboxing/first impressions video of it, so you’ll hear about this again this month. I know this is a very first world, luxury purchase, but I am really looking forward to having this phone in my hands (or hand rather, because it’ll be small enough to use in just one hand!).

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be shipped on 13 November, so one week from now. Are you using an iPhone or an Android phone? Do you care at all about new phones coming out, or are you simply content to have a working smartphone at all?