I’m sure I have talked about this before, but I’ve been a big anime fan since my childhood and this is something that has persisted until now. I started off with the usual: Pokémon, Dragon Ball, all those anime that were running on German TV in the afternoon. But it took me a while to realize why they were different from other cartoon series: They were all made in Japan! I think I was about 14 or so when I first started watching anime in Japanese. It started with Naruto because I became hooked and wanted to watch further than what was available in German and English. To be honest, Naruto didn’t stick with me for very long, but watching in Japanese with English subtitles opened a vast realm of possibilities. I started watching all kinds of anime. Apart from raising my interest in Japan, its language, and its culture, it also very much improved my English language skills (for some reason, I never watched with German subs). From then on, anime was a more or less continuous hobby for me. There were times I watched almost nothing, there were times I watched a ton. Right now, I’m at the latter.

I think last year I started looking into seasonal anime, so basically: What’s running right now? I discovered AniChart and started picking up the best rated anime of each season. But this season, the fall 2020 season to be specific, I just went overkill. Part of it was simply that I realized how much I enjoy watching anime, especially if I can follow Reddit’s weekly discussions (something that I started only recently, with Re:Zero Season 2). But also, this season is full of really good shows! There were previous seasons where I started watching a ton of shows, but I dropped most of them after an episode or two. This season, I’m actively watching 12 (!) shows, and there are two or three more that I either started and I’m not sure whether I’ll continue, or that I’m interested in and might start as well.

One might say that this is too much. Right now though, I like it! I enjoy the shows. Some are plain good. Some are funny. Some are just wholesome and you can turn off your mind. It’s a great mix and I will definitely continue watching at least those 12 shows (I mean we’re already more than a third through the season).

Here are the anime I’m currently watching (roughly in order of how much I like it, although it’s hard to say):

(After writing this list, I seriously found out that one was missing and that it was 12, not 11, anime I was watching. 😂)

I might actually write a short review on some of these shows as their own posts later. I mean I somehow have to fill every day of this month. 😅

Do you watch anime? What kind of shows have you been watching? Are you excited for the winter season which will be full of banger sequels (Shingeki no Kyojin finale, Re:Zero season 2 part 2, Yakusoku no Neverland season 2, Beastars season 2, only to mention a few)? Let me know in the comments below via Telegram or so actually in the comments below! :)