Welcome back!

I want to get back onto the initial end of week schedule for my update posts, therefore today’s post will be really short. If you have missed the last update post, you can find it here.

Death Note

On Thursday, my flatmate and I “officially” started our Death Note rewatch in preparation for the new Netflix movie which will be released in the end of August. It’s been a while since I have watched it and I’m already really excited after having watched the first four episodes again. Whether you’ve never watched Death Note before, or it’s also been a while for you, I can only recommend watching this anime again! Death Note on MyAnimeList


We had a friend visiting over the weekend, and stumbled upon Westworld which he hadn’t watched yet. He ended up watching most of the first season while he was here, and I also joined for some of it. I still remember how excited we all were when we finally discovered and watched Westworld, it’s SUCH a good series! A Must Watch for everyone I think! Westworld on IMDB

Blog Updates

I also tinkered on the blog again (as always…). I worked on the performance and it’s nearly optimal now (just a couple things that I couldn’t work out so far). For fun I created a custom 404 error page, so if you visit any non-existing page like https://exo.pm/abcdefg, you will see it (still under construction!). And lastly, I created a page where I am tracking my daily runs.

Stuff I Posted or Liked

I’m trying out a new way of inserting YouTube videos down below. It’s still not optimal, but I think much better than before.

More about that run in a separate post.

Just something to think about. 😉

Reality is an Episode of Good TV and We're All Silly Fucking Catsexurb1a - Reality is an Episode of Good TV and We’re All Silly Fucking Cats

This guy makes weird and kinda disturbing videos about really interesting things. This and a lot of his other videos are really recommended!

Vier Monate mit der SwitchSickon - Vier Monate mit der Switch

Video in German. My friend Igor talks about his experience with the Nintendo Switch. I really want to buy one myself and play Zelda, but right now I can’t afford it at all. 😭

Article: Why things cost what they cost… by Danny Lenihan This is a very interesting perspective on buying cheap knockoffs from China. I’ve not been innocent in this regard, but I will definitely consider this before my next “China purchase”.

Already Over?

Just a short post, as I said. 🙃 See you next week!