In yesterday’s morning run, I ran almost 17 km! After the exam the day before, I really wanted to go for a long run. And a good friend of mine randomly ran a half marathon that day which inspired me to try my best and go for a really long run!

This also gives me a lot of confidence that I’m already at the level to run a half marathon if I wanted to. I think there are two half marathons in the surrounding area at the end of August / beginning of September, so I should consider joining one of those (or both? 🤔).

Already back in Japan, I wanted to make a video about what running means to me. And then Casey Neistat published a video just like that:

my addictionCasey Neistat - my addiction

I still like to come back to this video whenever I need some inspiration. Definitely worth a watch even if you’re not a runner!

Edit: Just for fun, I made this page which will track all my runs on Runtastic. 😅