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This page is still a work in progress.

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Thank you for participating in the ReList beta! First of all, please note that both the name and the app icon are not finalized and might change completely until release.

There is a discussion group about the beta on Telegram. If you’d like to be invited, send me a message. If you just want to send me feedback directly, you can just use our usual means of communication.

If you are not yet on the beta, send me a message with your email address asking for a TestFlight invite. You will need to download the TestFlight app from the App Store and use the code/link provided in the invitation email.

What is ReList?

ReList is an app focused on reusable checklist. Think of your morning routine (if you have one) or your packing list for trips. Lists that you create once, but go through multiple times. The app lets you create templates that can be reused and turned into checklists.

Known Bugs

ToDo List

(Roughly in order of priority. Features might not be in the current TestFlight build even if checked off here.)

Possible Features for later

Update Notes

Update Notes Build 1167 (7 February 2018)

Update Notes Build 1163 (7 February 2018)

Update Notes Build 1122 (1 February 2018)

This update is much bigger than the last one, fortunately. Still, my todo list just won’t become any shorter.

Note that if you have sync enabled, the auto archive behavior for all existing lists will be None. I have no way of changing that, unfortunately, so you will have to adjust it manually.

Update Notes Build 1007 (29 January 2018)

Sorry for the lack of updates. The first feature below took a lot of time to implement. Also, for some reason I haven’t had much energy these last few days, so I had a hard time even starting to do something. I hope it’ll get better soon. Anyway, here are the changes:

I have also updated the todo list and bug list above, although right now I kind of lost track of all the small issues that need to be dealt with…

Update Notes Build 901 (25 January 2018)

Update Notes Build 791 (24 January 2018)