The third week of daily blogging is over! To be honest, I’m feeling the pressure of coming up with a new post every day, and I think you are feeling it as well, at least judging from the number of comments on my posts. 😅

I started the week with a post about my Japanese studies. I’m sure there will be updates about this in the future. On Tuesday, I went back to the past and wrote about my abandoned YouTube channel that I started in 2006. On Wednesday, I talked about my plans for my meditation time app Nodoka. On Thursday, I dove back into the hot topic in the Apple world right now, M1 Macs. I promise there won’t be another post about it this month. 🙈 On Friday, I talked about having too much input and being overwhelmed, and yesterday I wrote about the voice inside your head. I hoped that this last post would stir up some discussions, but maybe y’all are to busy right now. 😅

If you have any ideas for topics I can write about that don’t require a ton of time (remember, I’m writing one of these a day), please let me know! Of course I have more things that I’d like to talk about, but all of those are longer posts that I won’t be able to write during these daily blogs.

Not too many recommendations for this week:

Have a nice Sunday, everyone!