The second week of daily blogging is done! I’m still having fun, as you might notice, and I’m happy to see so many people reading my blog.1

I started the week with a very different post that some people seemed to really like. Maybe you’ll get more of that kind in the future. It was followed by two posts about new Macs, one where I explained Apple Silicon, and the follow-up where I went into the actual announcements of the Apple Event. After that, I gave an update about reading and books. I think three people already told me that they would like to see that page with my all-time favorite books, so this might be something to look into. I finished off with two Japan-related post, a short one called Natsukashii, and a much longer one talking about my Japan trip last winter.

What was your favorite post this week? Do you have any topic ideas for upcoming posts?


To be honest, there’s not much this week. For podcasts, I can continue to recommend Connected and ATP for those interested in Apple. My week has been fairly Apple-focused, with the Mac event on Tuesday and getting my iPhone 12 mini on Friday (separate post on that sometime soon), and next week will be just as interesting as people are actually testing these new Macs out. From what it looks like, that thing is going to embarrass the existing Mac lineup.

One more thing before I get to YouTube recommendations: I signed up for the Life’s Library Book Club, a book club initiated by John Green and Rosianna Halse Rojas. Every six weeks there will be a new book to read and discuss. It’s my first time doing this, so I’m very exited to read some books that I usually wouldn’t read. You can find more info on their website and the DFTBA store. Sales end tomorrow (Monday), so if you want to participate, be quick!

Now for some video recommendations:

  • Gene aka Potato Jet put out two vlogs this week. I love watching these and I’m always looking forward to the next one. He also posted a video on his main channel about the DJI Mini 2 (which also feels very much like a vlog).
  • Captain Sinbad, who has a channel that’s a mix of self improvement and comedy, also put out two videos this week. The first one was about The Philosophy of Fight Club, the second one a parody of Peter McKinnon.
  • Matt D’Avella made a video about downgrading to a flip phone for 30 days. I’m kind of doing the opposite with my new iPhone. 🙈
  • I would also like to plug a channel that is still very small, but that I would like to grow: Teddy Robinson. I originally found him through Peppe from Terrace House and have been following him ever since. While I haven’t met him yet, I kind of feel like we’re friends, through conversations via Instagram DMs and through comments on YouTube.
  • Last but not least, my friend Andy made a new video for his photography channel. Please give him some views! 😁

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!

  1. By “so many”, I mean that we’re probably in the double digits now. 😅