Just a quick update: I’m back from the meditation retreat. It was HARD. I’m still processing the whole thing and collecting thoughts, but it will take a while until I can make a coherent post about it. From the amount of thoughts I have already collected, I expect there to be multiple posts as well. Sorry to keep you waiting. ;)

By the way, I just added a photo of me to the About page and also added a Contact page. I also want to refresh the About page, add a Projects page, and write more posts.

I have also thought about adding some way to comment on my posts. I know not many people are reading this, but who knows. I don’t like the idea of putting a comment system onto my website (I had that before and removed it at some point), so maybe I’ll use Reddit and put each post there for discussion, kind of what CGP Grey is doing with his podcasts. What do you think?

Talk to you soon!