Another Instagram update.


I tried to catch up with the posts, so here are some now ones:

I plan to publish another one later today (edit: added) and maybe one tomorrow, so please check for an update later!


Disclaimer: If you don’t know what Instagram Stories are, they are a way to share short random snippets (pictures or videos) of your day with your followers, and these things will disappear after 24 hours (the owner can still access them and put them into highlights to be viewed later). If you’ve never watched Instagram Stories, watching these might feel weird at times, especially because it switches between clips with and without sound. Also, if you view Stories inside the app, you can easily skip to the next clip which you can’t do when watching them on YouTube. Just so you know. ;)

(06) 🇯🇵 2019/20

Our trip to Kamakura and Enoshima. (2:07)

(07) 🇯🇵 2019/20

We went to the Pokemon Cafe! Watch this to get a better inside about how it was compared to the post. (2:02)

There won’t be any posts now for at least two weeks, so be aware! I’m going to be on a meditation retreat with no access to any electronic devices, or any media at all. I might write a quick blog post about this tomorrow, but don’t hold me to it. The post is here.