Hello awesome people!

This week’s post is going to be short. I hasn’t been my best week and I fell short on a lot of things, so there’s not much to say. Sorry for that! Next week is certainly going to be better. ☺️

This became the new most liked tweet on Twitter, for a good reason I think.

Always need more Game of Thrones. At least I’ll see the new episode tomorrow! 🎉 Oh and it’s the second to last episode of this season, so there might be some good action coming up!


Today: Some Articles!

Sweet dreams: why do big brands crave climbers? Very interesting article about companies like Coca Cola and Red Bull sponsoring climbers.

The long-overdue movement to abandon Caps Lock. I didn’t know that Caps Lock originated from typewriters. Personally, I haven’t used Caps Lock on my computer in years. On Mac it’s super easy to just turn it off. I went a bit further and turned it into a hyper key (cmd + alt + ctrl + shift), which I basically use as an additional control key for easier keyboard shortcuts. Very handy.

Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period. I found this article after correcting tons of double spaces in a document for my work. These weren’t double spaces after a period, but it still made me google it. This also originated from typewriters and from using monospaced fonts (like this blog actually).

See You Next Week!