(I don’t actually like James Bond to be honest… 🙈)

Hi there!

I can’t believe it’s already update number seven! I’m really happy that I already made it this far, but to be honest, I’m not happy at all about my workflow around it. Often I completely forget about it until my reminder pops up on Sunday, and then I have to figure out what to even put into the post. Next week, I will make an effort and make notes throughout the week instead of doing it all on Sunday!

Status Update

Progress has been slow. Not too much has happened this week (except for the most stressful job interview of my life and a bouldering competition), and I haven’t made too much progress on most of the things. But it definitely could be worse, so I’ll let it be and move on to make next week better!

In regards to the “week of” topic: In the original post, I was already thinking about a “week of fitness”, and for that I had ordered a kettlebell! It’s only 10 kg, but as I’ve never done such exercises before, I feel like it’s enough for now. Since I got it last Saturday, I’ve done three (or four?) workouts with it, and they can become pretty brutal. I really like having it at home because I prefer not to have to go to the gym (also not having to sign up for another membership in addition to my climbing gym membership). My goal is to have three workouts per week with the kettlebell, and do running/climbing/etc. on the other days.

Simplifying Life

Because of different factors, I’ve started thinking about ways to simplify my life. I haven’t really started with it yet, but I feel like it is necessary. The objective here is not simplification for its own sake, but specifically to reduce distrations and make it easier for me to focus on the important things. I was thinking about things like:

  • removing unnecessary apps from my phone,
  • cleaning up my hard drives,
  • getting rid of physical stuff that I don’t need or use anymore,
  • creating clear and simple routines,
  • planning my meals in advance instead of having to make a decision every lunch and dinner (this has gone really bad recently…),
  • reducing social media comsumption (although it’s already not too bad),
  • and so on…

I think I will try to tackle one thing after another and slowly make my way into a simpler life. You’ll definitely hear more about this soon. 😉

Climbing Competition

Some friends and I went to a climbing competition yesterday! It was my first time at such an event (except for smaller events at my gym here in Göttingen), so I was pretty excited. Also, the gym where the competition took place had just finished expanding and the problems for the competition were all in the new part. It was reallly cool! I personally didn’t really care how many routes I could do, but some of my friends took it pretty seriously and it was fun to watch them. I also recorded quite a bit with my camera and my phone (video anytime soon? I’ll try 😅). Definitely an awesome experience!


Blumio - UNIQLO / ユニクロ (Official Video)Blumio - UNIQLO / ユニクロ (Official Video)

A German rapper doing Japanese rap. I think it is funny and actually pretty well done!

PewDiePie - How To Get Started On YouTubePewDiePie - How To Get Started On YouTube

I don’t really follow PewDiePie, but I stumbled upon this new video of his that I think is pretty helpful. There are a few things I can take from that… after I finally start making videos again. 🙈

Really interesting (and quite long) article: How to Do What You Love - Paul Graham


A quite short post again, but there are a few things that I might make into their own posts. See you next week!