Hi there!

Because I managed to run every day in the month of July, I was thinking that it was kind of like the “month of running” for me. So yesterday I asked on Twitter:

I got some great suggestions (although just one on Twitter 😢 please tweet at me 😂) and had some ideas on my own, for example:

  • Month of Blogging
  • Month of Lifting
  • Month of Programming
  • Month of Climbing
  • Month of Japanese

In the end, I decided on something completely different. This month is going to be the…

Month of Discipline

In so many of the self-help stuff I watch, read, or listen to, discipline comes up as an essential life skill. I always have a hard time to be disciplined, although sometimes I manage to create some great habits (like doing my Japanese Anki reviews every day). So I thought that this month, I’m going to actively work on my self-discipline. The main reason I chose it is that (in theory) it will be kind of the keystone for all the other things I want to do. Some specific things that I’d like to improve in my life are:

  • Getting up earlier and consistently.
  • Have some more routine in the mornings and evenings as a structure for the day.
  • Do things as they come up, instead of waiting until the last moment.
  • Catch up on my work because I’ve basically been behind on it since I’ve been back in Germany.
  • In general spend my time more deliberately.

The thing you always hear is “discipline equals freedom”, and I think it’s totally right. Having more self-discipline gives you more time to do the things you WANT to do. And we always have more things we want to do than our time allows us to do.

In addition to this, I thought that I could give every week a theme as well. Just “self-discipline” is pretty ambiguous, so I think it would make sense. Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

  • Week of Future and Work: catch up on work stuff, do some thinking and planning for my future.
  • Week of Fitness: more climbing, more strength training (shout-out to my friend Hardys who is the ONLY one who replied to my tweet 😁 he’s also partially the reason why I always keep my hair very short, he’s been telling me for years to get rid of it).
  • Week of Programming: I love coding so much, but I don’t spend enough time doing it (another good friend Maschell suggested this in response to the “month of” question).

The first themed week is kind of fixed (lets just say it starts tomorrow, so from 3 August until 9 August), mainly because of the work stuff that I really need to get done. Week of Fitness after that sounds good as well. After that there’ll be exams again though, so I won’t decide how to deal with that right now.

At the same time, I’ll try to keep you up-to-date by blogging about my progress. “Month of blogging” was also one of the ideas, so I’ll be covering that as well.

For September, I’ve actually already thought about a theme for the month. With our yearly Denmark trip in mind, I want to get into vlogging again. The Denmark vlogs last year were awesome! If you’d like to watch them, you’ll find them in this playlist (vlogs #3 to #5).

So, who’s excited for the “month of vlogging”? I certainly am! 🙃

What do you think of my plans? Do you have plans on your own? I’d really like to know. ☺️ Let me know on Twitter (or Instagram, or Facebook, or wherever you want!).