Hi there!

Will I ever be on time with these? At least it’s only one day late. 😅

Running Updates

First of all, a day after the last post, I reached my 100 km goal for the month of July! I would never have thought to reach it early, but that one 17 km run did the job. The only issue was that I started having some issues with my right ankle, so for the subsequent runs, I usually only ran a single lap. It would have been sensible to take a break, but I really wanted to get the one month streak. So, with mostly short 1.5 km runs, I achieved this and can now say that I ran every day in the month of July, 2017!

But now, I’ll really take a break so that my ankle can heal properly. It’s not TOO bad, but it didn’t get better over the last week.

I still have it on my mind to run a half marathon in September. I think the registration is pretty flexible, so I can see how it’ll go over the next two to three weeks.

My flatmate created an awesome little logo for me! I think it fits so well with the style of this blog, it is cute, and it represents my interests.

Go check her out on Instagram (warning: it’s full of 🐈🐈 and 🐕🐕).

Other Blog Updates

Of course, I couldn’t stop tinkering with other aspects of the blog as well. What happened was that I tried to optimize everything out of it to minimize the page size and loading times. I cut out most of JavaScript (especially everything jQuery so I don’t have to load the library) and replaced the full FontAwesome font with a custom one that just includes the icons I need. Now, the front page of my blog is only about 22 kB in size in total.

(Of course, all the posts and pages that include photos or images are much larger than that.)


While studying a new kanji (照) I saw the following sentence in the examples:

I feel like that’s so typical Japanese… 😆


iPhone 7 - The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day - AppleApple - iPhone 7 - The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day

This is such a stupid Apple thing to make, but I enjoyed it very much. Very well made and entertaining.

Siri vs the Ads: Does It Hold Up?MKBHD - Siri vs the Ads: Does It Hold Up?

But the big question: Can The Rock actually use Siri like that? Spoiler: More or less.

She's a Blind YouTuberCaseyNeistat - She’s a Blind YouTuber

A REALLY good watch! One of Casey’s best videos ever I think.

えぐAn Odd World of Mine - えぐ

This is SO stupid, but mega funny. 😂

Siri vs JapaneseKenji Kinukawa - Siri vs Japanese

It’s kind of mean to laugh about this, but as the guy is making fun of himself (and maybe even doing this on purpose), I think it’s fair to find this funny. 😁


Motivated a friend of mine to go running again, great feeling!

So much rain last week.

Though this was funny, but it has some truth about it. We are all worrying way too much. 🙃

What a nightmare. I would die if I finally went back to Japan and there were barely any Japanese people left. 😭


I really need to start to make more notes throughout the week for these posts. But maybe you actually appreciate if they aren’t too long anyway. 😉 See you next week!