Welcome back!

I was not originally planning on waiting this long to write this post, but it happened again. Better late than never though!

New Blog

As you will have noticed, and might have read in the previous post, I created a whole new blog. It’s much lighter and even simpler than the old one, but it was harder to set up because I messed so much with the code of the theme. It’s not really finished though (will it ever be?). More about this in the previous post.

Messed up Sleep Rhythm

Ever since the LAN (which was more than a week ago now) my whole sleep rhythm has been completely messed up. A lot of times, I become wide awake around 11 or so and then I’ll stay up until 3 in the morning. This is obviously not good for several reason. One of which is …

… Exams

I have a couple of exams coming up, and so far I’ve had a hard time even starting to study for those. It’s not because they are boring; I actually think the topics are really interesting. But for some reason, my brain tries to find every opportunity to not study (like creating a whole new blog and a random Telegram bot). I have started now, and I’m pretty sure the exams will be fine, but starting earlier would have been obviously better. 😅

(Edit 1: I actually finished writing most of this post the night before the exam… oh well.) (Edit 2: Nailed the exam with minimal studying… 🎉)

Plan for a New Video!

I had a great idea for a new video, and I want to give the very few readers of my blog a little heads up what it’s going to be about. So back in Japan in one of our Japanese classes, we studied Japanese stories and folk tails, and learned about the basic blocks of how to write one ourselves. In my new video, I’m going to read that story to you (in Japanese) and explain how it came to be and why it’s so weird. Here’s the first line as a little preview:


English translation:

In a place far far away, there was a bear family living in the woods.

I think it’s a fun project and I’ll get to practice my spoken Japanese again! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make it though. 🙈

First Japanese Tandem

Last Friday, I had my first tandem meeting in Japanese! My Japanese has gotten pretty rusty, but because we went climbing, we didn’t have to talk that much. I understood most of what he said though, and it’s not like we didn’t talk at all, so I’m really happy with it. 🙂

Game of Thrones

Finally! Season 7 has started. That was quite a long wait. If you’re like me and always forget everything that happened before, I can recommend this recap video:

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Recap Seasons 1 - 6

Stuff I posted or liked

I’ll note again here that there’s still work to be done about the embeds of these. I want to refrain from loading external scripts (like those YouTube and Twitter use to display their embeds correctly), but just having the YouTube videos as links and the Tweets completely without media is not optimal. This is the temporary solution now though, I’ll think about another way in the future.

Every day. No excuses. Except for…

(I did go for a run afterwards though. Obviously. 😁)

In regards to the annoucement about a female Doctor in Doctor Who. I think this could be pretty awesome!

Cat People Will Understand… Cats forever. ❤️

low budget GODZILLA stop motion My friends made this. 🙂

Wooooooot? Mind blown. 💥

Vlogging in English for practice A Polish YouTuber living in Tokyo who I really like. Usually all his vlogs are in Polish, so I can only watch them after someone made subtitles. This video kind of felt like the good old times when they made awesome Japan vlogs in English

(German) Meine Meinung zur Castlevania von Netflix Another friend of mine made a video where he talks about the new Castlevania series on Netflix.

Skyflow iPhone App Finally a good app for making timelapses that supports 4K and produces great results! You can basically test the app for free until you want to export the timelapse. The full version is 3.49 Euro which is complete reasonable in my opinion.

Proud of the footage my camera produces. 🙃

Seems to be pretty hot in Japan right now…

I hope it’ll go away…

That’s it!

See you next week!